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About Us

This was the last page I decided to add to the website because it seems daunting to summarize what we stand for in one short paragraph. Then I remembered this picture taken of my mother and I during a visit to my hometown. We went for a walk down memory lane and stopped for a selfie in front of the house I grew up in. It was small, with less rooms than children, but it bursted at the seems with love. OK - Now I have tears in my eyes as I look at the picture because I noticed the sun peeking through the clouds as if God were giving me a sign - letting me know I’m doing the right thing He wants me to do right now. Using my God-given talent to give back to a cause that resonates within my spirit. Mom raised 5 kids, put herself through college, had a full-time job, and part-time jobs and us kids always felt loved and cared for. She told me there were times where the lights were going to get cut-off and she would pray and sure enough, money would come in to help us move forward. I pray that with the Lord’s help 2Serve Design can be a blessing to single-mother families and help them do the same.

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